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uno Home Loans:

The Almost Open House

When it comes to the biggest financial decision in your life, you kind of want to know what you’re getting yourself into. That’s why you don’t just lob up and buy a house sight unseen — you inspect every part of it. You bring in a guy to check for icky bugs and concrete cancer. You stand in each room and try to imagine yourself there for the next 30 mortgage-paying years of your life. Weirdly — you don’t do the same with your home loan.

When uno came to market, they promised transparency — a luxury no bank or broker had yet afforded to the consumer. You would have access to the full gamut of rates, not just those that would benefit your broker.

To help them launch this unique proposition, we used a simple metaphor and showed how people react when they weren't able to see every room in an open house — something they’ve been doing for years when it comes to their loan. 

The Campaign:
Online Video, Digital.

Copywriter: Nicole Conway
Art Director: Tim Batterham
Executive Creative Director: Matt Gilmour
Producer: Amanda Cain
Production Company: Brightworks