Rebranding & Website: Somark Innovations

Rebranding Lab Rat Technology

The Future Lab

The world pre-clinical trials is fraught with inaccuracy because as it turns out, lab rats all look the same. This leads to mistakes within data, slowing down the process of bringing life-saving drugs to market. Until Somark.

Somark invented a suite of products that will allow for 99% accuracy, thus speeding up these processes - what we needed to do was make it sexy.  

In addition to a launch campaign at their biggest conference, we fully rebranded Somark's technology to create SensaLab, the future lab. Beneath the banner of SensaLab, I created simple naming conventions for each part of the ecosystem to help them feel like a cohesive suite of products.

Finally, I wrote the copy for the modern website that represents this lead forward in technology, including all product pages and descriptions. 

See the full website here.

Copywriter: Nicole Conway
Art Director: Tim Batterham
Design: Andy Reynolds
Executive Creative Director: Matt Gilmour