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NRL Junior League Campaign

NRL Junior League:

A Different League

The Game. It’s known for big blokes, big hits and big concussions. This daring gameplay is what draws people to matches, but is the exact reason why mums and dads don’t want their kids to play footy.

What they don't know is that Junior League is as gentle as their kids. We created an integrated campaign that shows the fun, innocence and light hearted nature of the Junior League.

The result? We saw a huge 33% increase in female participants in the game, showing that it truly is a different league.

The Campaign:
TV, Radio, OOH, Social

Copywriter: Nicole Conway
Art Director: Tim Batterham
Executive Creative Director: Matt Gilmour
Producer: Liz Nunan
Production Company: WWM/Heckler
Director: Josh Logue
Sound: Electric Sheep/Nylon