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I also enjoy writing about food, fashion, design and my strange family.


Turning Japanese

Exploring one of my family’s many weird and wonderful secrets over the last 31 years.


Broadsheet: July

Reviewing the new Melbourne-designed suitcase that was touted as the ‘Samsonite Killer’.

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Broadsheet: Elizabeth Wiltshire

An interview with indie jewellery designer Elizabeth Wiltshire for Broadsheet’s fashion section.


Broadsheet: The New Slyfox

The SLYFOX got a makeover and new beigels. I love beigels. Apparently that’s how you’re supposed to spell ‘bagel’.

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Broadsheet: Arnsdorf Begins a New Era

A commissioned news article for Broadsheet about Arnsdorf opening a new store in the south.


Broadsheet: Manny’s Pizza Diner

A lil’ review of a pizza joint by a servo. Spoiler: It’s really good pizza and the chef also owns the servo.