Interesting Banners: Rural Fire Service — Burn Time Banner

Don't get burned this summer.

Burn Time Banner

Each summer, Australia sets itself alight. Bush fires wreak havoc on homes each year and while many people know that they should have a bush fire survival plan, they viewed creating one as a time-consuming and boring task -- one that they'd rather do at a later date.

For the NSW Rural Fire Service, it's preparation that saves lives and homes. We needed to show people that the completion of a bush fire survival plan is imperative, and not something to be put off. That planning to make a plan is not a plan.

To extend the campaign into the digital realm, we took advantage off the fact that many people will spend hours online trying to find the perfect furniture for their home, or addition to their wardrobe. 

We then used re-marketing banners show how quickly those hard-earned possessions would go up in flames without a bush fire survival plan. 



Client:  NSW Rural Fire Service
Year:  2014
Art Director: Tim Batterham
Creative Director: John Lam
ECD:  Simon Langley